Better Paid Social Campaigns : Top Tips 101

Better Paid Social Campaigns : Top Tips 101

At Bobble Digital, we are very excited to give you some Top Tips on how you can optimise your Paid Social campaign. Social has become an integral part of any digital marketing plan therefore it’s important that businesses maximise its effectiveness.

In mid-2017 Facebook reached over 2 Billion active users worldwide which is an astonishing figure, it also puts into perspective just how big the social platforms have become with an estimated £41 Billion going to spent on social media this year.

Now let’s look at some of the Top Tips to follow when setting up a campaign.

  1. Define Your Target Audience.

Place yourself in your consumer’s shoes and think about all the personal information that you put into your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn Accounts. Also think about how often you come across brands on these channels – your information is accessible to advertisers to build audiences off.

When developing your audiences, you may want to consider targeting such as job titles, location, age, interest, relationship status, gender, and even competitor pages. Highly recommend testing a variety of targeting options.

  1. Utilise At least 4 Creative Variations.

Although it can difficult to source various creatives, to have multiple variations will mean that you won’t bombard people with the same ad. The algorithm will work its magic and choose the right creative for that comment. Things like Call to Actions, Background imagery and text are variations you could change.

  1. Regularly Refresh Creative

It’s all good having various creatives in place, however it would be more effective to change the creative feel often as things on social channels can get stale and repetitive easily. Each time we launch new creatives we generally see spikes in conversation rates therefore having a calendar for creative refresh comes highly recommended.

  1. Promote Content.

In our experience with running social campaigns, content is key. Focus on providing useful information to your potential customer; even if they are not in a position to utilise your product or service at that particular time.

  1. Review and Analyse Your Data

The Ads Analytics tool across the various platforms will allow you to track and report on all your activity at granular levels. To fully maximise the  paid social campaign effectiveness, you’ll need to regularly review performance and makes changes.

Be sure to Optimise!

Lastly remember to track all the traffic to your website because the analytics and reporting will only be as good as the data tracked.



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