Simply having a COVID Christmas time.

Well, here we are. Almost nine months on since BoJo announced the first national lockdown, we’re (hopefully) coming to the end of another month indoors. The question on everyone’s lips is how is all of this going to impact on Christmas? 

Quite frankly, 2020 isn’t what we ordered. The consequences of COVID-19 have been widespread. But what does it mean for ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ from a digital perspective? 


E-commerce will be in the spotlight.

In the UK, our combined in-store and online spending has risen annually year on year for quite some time. This year however, it’s forecast that despite more shops than ever introducing e-commerce facilities, spending will fall by a staggering £9.7bn.

For many people, the shopping has already started. And during a national lockdown where non-essential shops are closed, who you gonna call? You’re going to turn to the retailers who offer you a great online service. Even if you’re required to collect, you’re still going to have to click. Companies have even put out messages for eager shoppers to buy as early as possible. Otherwise, they’ll miss out on available delivery spots before the big day.

It’s not doom and gloom for all people though. Retail giant Amazon has predicted their festive sales for Q4 to surpass $100bn. Their fast delivery times and huge amounts of stock make them a popular choice. But will this be to the detriment of smaller, independent businesses this holiday season?

Will it be a very merry Zoom Christmas?

‘To Zoom or not to Zoom?’. That is the question. In 2020, the video conferencing software now has its own verb. There’ll be some children for whom it’s now a part of their everyday life. We hear that even Santa’s jumped on the bandwagon to find out who’s been naughty or nice. 

With user numbers growing at an astounding rate this year, those with shares in Zoom are set to have a very merry Christmas indeed. As we write this, we don’t yet know what the rules will be around seeing family this festive season. We don’t know whether we’ll be pulling virtual crackers and opening presents from our loved ones remotely.

Businesses will need to embrace digital.

During this time of reduced footfall, businesses are going to have to be as resourceful as possible to get themselves noticed. I think we’ve all learnt that if you’re not online, you’re in danger of being left behind. Social media campaigns, email campaigns, blogs, articles, connecting with potential collaborators; these things can all help retain your essential customers and attract new ones. Investing in your digital presence to get your name out there is a three wise men move. 

No matter what holiday or festival you celebrate, we can all agree that 2020 has well and truly thrown the cat amongst the pigeons when it comes to our celebration plans. By the time you read this, we’ll likely know what the next steps are for December after some of the restrictions are lifted.  

What we do know is that no matter what, communication is key. Whether that’s for your business or just in your personal life. We’re all in this together!

If you’re a business needing some help getting your digital strategy up and running to weather the COVID storm, please contact Bobble Digital.   


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