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Objectives & Key Challenges

The objective was to create and execute a digital marketing plan that would enable yboo to increase the level of downloads for the iOS and Android Apps. This also included generating awareness to increase the organic growth of the brand.

The average mobile app retention rate is 50%, therefore it was imperative that when the app is downloaded users can remain as engaged. We needed to reach the audience in the time and “moments that matter” to ensure they remain engaged for as long as possible.

yboo is a new player in the market for comparison apps therefore raising brand awareness was part of the marketing strategy. The channel selection needed to reflect the aforementioned as customer acquisition was not the only objective.

Our Approach

Utilising our 3rd party analytics platforms and data we were able to develop audience profiles of a potential yboo customer, this included demographics, income and purchase behavioural patterns.

The strategic approach enabled us to carefully select the appropriate channels to deliver on the objectives. These channels included, Paid Social, Display, Google Universal App downloads and Native Content.

Whilst the aforementioned channels were the core mix, we also diversified into other channels such as Digital Out of Home, Buses, Truck Ads, Blogging and Influencers as part of the brand uplift objective.


Delivery on bottom line figures has been far beyond expectations with most of the downloads for the apps coming because of the marketing activity.

Continuous spend growth month on month is an indicator of client confidence in our ability to carefully manage their investment to ensure there is maximum output for any marketing spend.

Brand uplift has growth massively with organic reach coming as a knock-on effect of the digital activity.

Current cost per download is 55% lower than the anticipated levels and this figure continues to improve week on week.

…total number of downloads delivered 25K
…saving on cost per acquisition compared to target 55%
…in app conversion rate 11%

Which is very strong given the retention rate for apps is often unpredictable

…exponential increase in spend levels of 110%

month on month which is likely to be quadrupled in mid-2018 when the new versions of the apps are launched

Core Channel Mix ££

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