Objectives & Key Challenges

As part of our Corporate Responsibility and being a proud Yorkshire Based Agency, we wanted to give back to our community which is why we provide our marketing services for Free to Bloomin Yorkshire.

The client is a charity specialising in raising awareness about Organ Donation and Kidney Research. Currently relying just on the work of a few volunteers to raise donations we support by getting them an approved Google Grant and supporting in wider digital media activity.

Our key challenge is that the charity had not done any digital activity before and the current website set up makes it difficult to track the impact of on-going activities to determine where donations are coming from. This is because donations are requested through a transfer and can’t be done through an online portal.

Our Approach

Our core strategy was to focus on driving quality traffic to the charity website to drive more online donations including in supporting through wider digital channels to drive more engagement with the brand.

Having experience with working charities before we looked at gaining charity status grants for Bloomin Yorkshire, looking to improve the quality of traffic that goes to the website through Paid Search activity. So, we applied for a Google Grant.

The next stage was to support in the delivery of key promotional material to engage supporters to attend bespoke events. We are currently working on a larger project that we hope will put the charity on the map from a national perspective.


Google Grant achieved, and the charity currently has access to $10,000 of Google Ad Spend per month managed by Bobble Digital.

Supporting in wider events to raise donations for the charity with bespoke marketing materials has helped raise over £5,000 to date.

Delivery and support on a major project to get Bloomin Yorkshire to Chelsea Flower Show in which on-going events and marketing strategies are in place to raise the capital required to cover the costs of the project.

Bobble Digital is proud to offer our services for Free to Bloomin Yorkshire and will continue with future projects including plans for a new website build next year.

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