Affiliates and Partnerships helps your brand grow within specific markets online and with other brands. Through Affiliate marketing you can work with specific advertisers that can sell your products/services for a small commission. Alternatively, you can sell other brand products if you have a large enough database to maximise, increasing profits and providing value to your customers.

Through partnerships you can amplify your reach to other brand customers that are not competitors to you for example a brand partnership with Nectar would give you access to their database of customers which would put your brand in front of a large customer base, in return Nectar get a new reward partner to provide value to their database of customers.


Online lead generation (OLG) can be used instead of, or alongside CPA activity to support long- or short-term acquisition goals. We have years on experience running affiliate campaigns with the largest affiliate network “Affiliate Window”.

Benefits of using Affiliate Window:

  • Targeted prospect leads from transparent and ethical online sources
  • Desktop and mobile responsive data capture forms
  • Data verification & validation
  • Test & manage multiple lead sources via one interface
  • Set variance lead commission rates
  • Pay on a lead, but operate on a 360 performance basis
  • Only pay for a unique and verified lead
  • Hand picked partners, approved by us.

We manage your affiliate account on a monthly basis helping deliver niche bespoke conversions that add real value to your revenues.


Partnerships are an excellent promotion opportunity that allow non-competing brands to come together in order to grow their businesses profitably.

We use our existing, long lasting relationships, as well as cultivating new ones, to leverage mutually beneficial deals to meet both the client and partner objectives.

  • Partnerships bring many benefits to our clients, including:
  • Additional revenue
  • Customer acquisition
  • Brand exposure
  • Rewards (added value) for existing customers
  • Increased customer loyalty

From short term reciprocal agreements to long-term strategic affiliations, we specialise in sourcing, managing and analysing the partnership activity process on behalf of our clients.

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