Buy media cross TV and Radio has become much cheaper, easier and now is more targeted to your desired audience. We can target users not just by region but also by demographics, interests and behaviours. Across TV we can target by Postcode and City Level so you can focus your budgets on the areas where you sell your product. Digital TV and Radio really compliments the wider digital activity in raising brand awareness and delivering ROI.

Digital TV

You no longer have to buy TV ads buy region or have to spend a large amount on TV budgets. You can now buy TV ads on impressions and narrow your targeting down to specific postcode locations. So, if you just want to Target Leeds you can but also target consumers that have specific product/service interests e.g. Food and Drinks etc. This helps narrow your audience making TV more effective and cost effective with budgets starting as little as £2,000.  We can buy TV ads on impression across all Sky Channels including all On-Demand platforms.

Digital Radio

Radio can now be bought across different channels and by the impression. Layered with audience targeting we can target the right consumer based on the content they listen to but also their demographic and behaviours. Through digital radio we can focus targeting consumers across Radio Streaming Channels, Music Streaming Platforms such as Spotify and through Podcasting. We call this DAX, Digital Audio Exchange.

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