Social Media: B2B Lead Generation Tool

Social Media: B2B Lead Generation Tool

Hopefully you have  been following our Social Media pages this week where we gave some top tips on how to use Social Media as a ready made B2B lead generation tool. Here is why you should make Social Lead Gen part of your core strategy for new business.

The ability to generate a high number of quality leads is essential for any business especially in the B2B sector. Therefore, if you are looking for new ways to improve your lead generation effort then look no further than Social Media and despite the exponential growth of platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; some businesses remain sceptical of its effectiveness.

At Bobble Digital we have been able to effectively use Social Media as a tool to generate leads for ourselves and our clients. Here are some of the useful techniques we have been able to apply.

  • Utilise the data capture forms within the platforms – this enables users to give you their information without leaving the social platform or going to the website.
  • Apply the detailed targeting when using paid/promoted posts, avoid be lured into doing the standard boosted post. Promoting your content with a clear Call to Action will ensure that your business reaches more than just your followers.
  • Offer incentives for using your product/service, for example at Bobble Digital we offer a Free Marketing Audit for potential clients.


Client Case Study: Business Car Leasing/Sales

The business in question is a Leeds based Car Leasing/Sales business which specialises in providing cost effective car leasing solutions for businesses in Yorkshire.


The business has stagnated in terms of the lead generation pipelines and were mostly relying on referrals and cold calling for leads. However, to grow the business need to re-think their marketing proposition and that’s where Bobble Digital became involved.


We understood the problem that the client had, and it became apparent that this was a congested market therefore for any marketing to work the business proposition also needed to be adapted to stay ahead of the competition.

We eventually managed to develop a USP, which was the company offering a Zero Admin Fee service. We then developed a Social Media strategy focused on driving leads on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and LinkedIn. The key here was to target the correct type of user therefore we made us of Demographic, Work, Interest and Behavioural data to build audience profiles of potential customers.

The user experience was a key element too as none of the activity drove users to the website, but rather focused on driving leads through the in-platform data capture forms which did not did not require the user to visit the website but rather easily submit their details within the Facebook platform for example.


The results were astounding with leads delivered for as little as £10 per Lead at a lead conversation rate of 20%. This meant that the client could generate a sale for a every £50 spent on marketing whilst generating an average of £500 income per sale resulting in a Return on Investment of £9 for every £1 spent.


Key Takeout.


If your sales and marketing team are always looking for ways to improve their lead generation efforts, then look no further than social media. It’s the fasted growing digital marketing channel, and bear in mind that those decision makers you want to target are present on social channels.


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