Strategic Video Growth Part 2

Strategic Video Growth Part 2

Strategic Video Growth – Part 2


In Part 2 of our 3-part series we will be discussing how you can execute video through various channels.


Video Execution:


There are several ways in which you can deliver your video content however it’s making sure you pick the right channel based on your content objectives. For example, if you were to focus on just raising the brand profile of a best-selling product then key channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube would be great but you could also support this through Display, Mobile and in-app video ads. Channel selection can be difficult especially now that there are so many to choose from.


In todays trends when you think of Video you think of Facebook and why not, it’s the fastest growing video ad platform closely followed by YouTube. That’s because of the way Facebook has allowed businesses to change the way it presents video through its platform. You can run a standard video post, you can run in-stream video ads, you can now run a carousel video ad too. The same platform allows you to target Instagram in a similar way giving you access to 2 platforms in one. Then there is the type of ad, such as organic posts, event posts, lead gen posts, all of which can have a video instead of a standard image. From my post on Monday we know that video is driving a stronger impact on engagement and consumption amongst users than static ads do. Finally, the type of objective you want to achieve through Facebook can vary, it’s great at driving brand awareness, driving product sales based on detailed targeting, attracting new customers and even promoting and great place to work based on demographic targeting available. Almost a one stop shop for your video advertising needs.


It’s easy to see why most businesses focus heavily on Facebook to deliver their video content but there are other social channels to consider. LinkedIn is a great B2B channel to deliver video content if you are looking to target new business and generate leads but also to attract quality staff to your team and company. The post I shared yesterday is about Criteo which is a great example of how to use Video on LinkedIn to promote a great place to work. Then you have snapchat, which now offers in-app ads but at a premium. It can help target the younger Generation Z audience, but again they are more receptive to short videos and quick messages. A great example of a business doing Video content within snapchat is ASOS who allow their followers to get backstage passes to view photoshoots and get bespoke codes for key sale items.


We must discuss YouTube, the second largest search engine. More relevant now as more consumers are relying on video content to get answers as apposed to reading articles the old-fashioned way. The millions of hours of quality content, vloggers and key brand channels it’s the perfect platform to drive Brand Awareness and deliver targeted sales/services of your products. Not long after allowing users to skip ads after 5 seconds it is becoming the norm to run 5 to 10 second un-skippable ads, consumers are then not as frustrated to wait to consume the content they want. But the longer the video the more frustrated they will get, making it a challenge to deliver your core message in a short time frame. The by-product YouTube is then working with influencers and partnering with key channels, a great example is Birdseye who have partnered with Tasty the food channel to create short videos of using their products as part of weekly meals.


Then there is Display which is ever evolving, you may notice some ads still on websites you visit in small boxes then then turn into full page video ads or you will be reading a crazy story on the Daily Mail and in-article a video will pop up. Display has changed the way Video is consumed off social with new innovative ad formats and targeting. Through display you have access to the whole online ad space, you can target all devices, in-app and layer it with 1st party data to target your ideal audience. Then there is retargeting which is basically hammering a potential customer because they made the mistake of visiting your website, some businesses do it better than others, but the worst are Airline companies and holiday companies. The channel allows a wider approach to targeting than just one singular social channel and can help achieve several business objectives, but I would say the core focus of display is if you are selling a product of service and want to drive consumers to your product page.


Finally, there is the wider outdoor world to consider, such at out of home on billboards, digital screens in Tubes or on Bus Shelters, even digital screens in stores or social places. If you are not walking and looking at your phone then video is being placed in front of your eyes from your everyday commute, through to where you work, shop and socialise. The average modern person is exposed to 5,000 ads per day, increasingly video is playing an impact on that. A consumer is more likely to remember a creative video message than a static message. So, if you have the budget consider the wider offline market to place your video content.


In our next post on Friday the 10th we will be going through a Case Study example of how Video has improved one of our clients results, so stay tuned for more Video Insights this week. If you haven’t read part 1 of Strategic Video Growth you can here.

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