Strategic Video Growth – Part 3

Strategic Video Growth – Part 3

Strategic Video Growth – Part 3


In the Final Part of our Strategic Video Growth Video Series this week, we will be looking at how video has improved performance for our client YBOO.


Video Case Study:


Throughout this week we have discussed different elements of video providing examples along the way. In Part 1 we looked at the rise of video and how it can be used to drive growth. In Part 2 we looked at the execution of video through key channels based on business objectives. Today we look at how video used within our client activity for YBOO has improved results.


The Objective:


The objective was to create and execute a digital marketing plan that would enable Yboo to increase the level of downloads for the iOS and Android Apps. This also included generating awareness to increase the organic growth of the brand.


Previously we had been running static image posts across Facebook to drive app downloads, which although successful, the creative had to be changed often to ensure it was current and updated to drive cut-through.


We proposed to the client to introduce Video to communicate the message as opposed to relying just on the static images. We highlighted that having video content also opens other channels we can deliver video across including Pre-Roll YouTube. The goal of the campaign was to see if the video messaging would increase App Download rates and improve overall cost per download results.


Our Approach:


We used our existing learnings for our social campaigns and set up a stand-alone video campaign which focused on driving App Downloads but through different approaches, sponsored Video Posts and In-stream Video Posts. We also set up a pre-roll video campaign with links to drive users to download the app based on the device they had iOS or Android.


With over 60million mobile users our targeting was limited but we set up different age category targeting focusing on different demographic targeting and brand affinities to ensure our ads were delivered to the right audience. That with adding in time of day targeting ensured we targeted users on the right device at the right time to ensure budget was most effective and not wasted.


The Result:


The video campaign was initially tested in July and is now fully active this month and the initial results have been positive:


  • The cost per video view is just over 4p. The 4p cost per view is for the full 10 second video, this is reduced to 3p for every 3 seconds viewed.
  • 68% of the video has been viewed in average, at a 10 second video this means consumers are viewing up to 7 seconds in full view on average before they take an action or move off the video post. This shows a much higher engagement level with the message being delivered.
  • We have seen a 10% reduction in Cost Per Downloads on iOS since the introduction of video in July and expect Video to drive a lower Cost Per Download in August against static image posts.
  • The reach and page engagement have increased with 50% more page likes with the introduction of video ads.
  • We are now A/B testing different messaging within the video posts to monitor the increased impact video could have on app downloads.


This rounds up our Strategic Video Growth 3 Part series this week. To view Part 1 and Part 2 visit our LinkedIn Page or Visit our Agency new page at

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