Client: Together Health

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Objectives & Key Challenges

The client is a Health and Nutrition supplement brand that tasked us to develop their ecommerce proposition to rival their competitors and deliver sustainable sales growth.

The industry is dominated by large retailers such as Holland & Barret therefore finding a competitive edge can be often difficult. The budget levels were also limited given the lack of confidence from the client in digital marketing however this soon changed as we delivered strong results.

The shopping platform was also in Shopify which a third part tool therefore visibility of some key metrics was limited which provided us with a key challenge to address.

Our Approach

Utilising our 3rd party analytics platforms and data we were able to develop audience profiles of a potential Together Health customer, this included demographics, income and purchase behavioural patterns.

The strategic approach enabled us to carefully select the appropriate channels to deliver on the objectives. These channels were Paid Social and Google Shopping as this provided us a platform to send users straight to the basket once they had clicked on of the ads.

We build a bespoke reporting system that placed custom tracking parameters on each of the marketing channels. This ensured that we could monitor how each channel as performing individually and its impact on the bottom line.


With the carefully selected channel mix we were able to deliver a conversion rate of 7% cross channel, which is a very strong rate of results given the competitiveness of the marketplace

2,000 conversions during the first month of the campaign was a strong return given that the Return on Marketing Spend was £15.73

Through our analytics measurement and attribution, we were able to justify continuous spend on Google Shopping despite the competition as it had a strong rate of assisting organic and Social sales.

…total number of sales generated during the first month campaign 2,000
…the campaign was well devoted hence the strong delivery of conversion rate of 7%
…an increase in investment of 900%

because of strong ROI levels

…ROI levels exceed expectations at £15

leading to the business acquiring more investment from investors

Core Channel Mix ££

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