Why you should be blogging

A blog about blogging might feel a little bit meta - ‘a blog within a blog’. But stick with us. Blogs are a golden nugget when it comes to raising the awareness of your brand online.

While not everyone will feel as though they’re some sort of modern-day Shakespeare, there’s a lot of value in sitting down and pulling ideas together of things your audience wants to read. 

And without much further ado about nothing, let’s explore why blogging is good for business.


Blogging is an easy way to improve your site’s SEO.

We know what you’re thinking; here we go again with the SEO. Well, yes here we do go again with SEO. Why? Because it matters when it comes to your customers being able to find you.

Blogs are an inexpensive way to improve your search engine rankings. Search engines like websites that are updated regularly. If you’re adding articles on a consistent basis, Google thinks ‘I’ll have a piece of that’. And slowly but surely your business will start to creep up the search engine ranks.  

Here’s a quick tip; when writing a blog, make sure you’re using backlinks (linking to external sites and articles). Choose them from websites that are already high ranking and trusted by search engines. That’s the way for your site to gain legitimacy amongst your competitors.

Blogging adds value and insight for your clients.

Blogging is your opportunity to showcase that you’re the real deal. That you’re the industry expert and that you know your stuff. There’ll be a range of topics you can talk about, so why not put these together into articles to help your clients better understand what you do, and more importantly, how you can help them.

If you’re struggling to know where to begin when it comes to topics, think about common pain points your clients come up against. These can provide great stimuli for a blog and you know your clients will want to read more. There’s no point pouring blood, sweat and tears into something no one will be interested in. Focus your energy on providing valuable information to the people that come across your website.

An opportunity for sharing and creating community.

Your blog is a simple way of creating collaborations with others in your industry (and outside it). You can then both share the article on your various social media channels, and ultimately double the exposure. Who knows the effects this could potentially have on your organic reach after that?

Guest blogging is a win-win situation. You gain content for your websites and improve your reputation within the industry. In addition, it creates a chance for your community to engage with your content.

With blogging, practise truly makes perfect. You might look back on some early articles and cringe, but it’s all part of the process. Start by jotting down some ideas and giving yourself a target of 500 words. And if you find that it’s not something you want to do full time, you can always speak to us about doing it for you. We love to bring your ideas to life on the page.

If you need more information on how blogging can improve your online profile, please feel free to contact Bobble Digital for more details. Oh, and happy writing!


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