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Marketing Strategy

We Use Insightful Consumer Data to Guide Your Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is more than just identifying your customers; it’s understanding their needs and implementing the most effective marketing methods for them.

We have access to the world’s most insightful consumer data providing you with all the information you need to create an effective marketing plan. With access to over 18 million consumers in the UK alone and over 40million across EMEA regions, where we can customise your insights to help you make smarter business decisions, refining your target market and improving your ROI.
Our Marketing experts use data sets from Search, TGI, Mintel, Global Web Index and other key media partners. These partners combined capture over 33 billion monthly internet searches and cover all business sectors. That’s a lot of data at our fingertips!

Our Approach to your Marketing Strategy

  • Obtain accurate research of over 18 million UK consumers
  • Obtain accurate research of 40 million consumers across all EMEA regions
  • Create detailed audience profiles based on who your customers/clients are
  • Understand your audience’s digital media behaviour, media consumption and digital content
  • Identify the right digital marketing channels for you
  • Deliver an effective marketing strategy with comprehensive data from all EMEA regions

Comprehensive Data for an Effective Marketing Strategy

Accurate data

Your audience defined with comprehensive data from all EMEA regions at your fingertips

Audience behaviours

Understanding online behaviours and digital media consumption for effective messaging

Reach your audience

We create a successful digital marketing strategy that reaches your audience effectively based on accurate Data and Behaviours of your ideal audience.

Key Marketing Trends for 2020

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Mobile continues to be the biggest driver of growth in digital advertising. Having surpassed desktop advertising in 2017, mobile advertising continues to grow exponentially; it is expected to make up over 75% of advertising spend by 2022. Providing multiple digital execution options, including PPC, SEO, Display, Video, Content and even app advertising, mobile is your first point of contact with your


By the end of 2020, it is estimated that over 50% of online searches will be voice-based. With voice-controlled assistants proliferating across most major devices and applications, and the accuracy of the software improving, this technology cannot be ignored. At Bobble, our PPC and SEO strategies consider the latest platforms and technologies to maximise the impact of your campaigns.


Three trillion minutes of video will be consumed every month across the world by the end of 2020. Video itself currently makes up over 80% of internet traffic, and this will only continue to rise. With 5G currently being rolled out, the use of live video is set to explode, with figures indicating over 13% of internet traffic will be from live video by the end of 2020. It goes without saying that video must form an integral part of your social strategy and overall content marketing strategy.

Our approach ensures we deliver measurable results for our clients. Get in touch for a bespoke marketing strategy to engage with your target audience.

An Agile Digital
Marketing Agency

Bobble Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency in Leeds providing key media services from Strategy, PPC, SEO, Social Media, Video and Analytics. Using our own agile methodology, we develop digital marketing strategies and through carefully selected digital channels we ensure we deliver results. We aim to take our clients on a digital journey to support business growth.

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