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Client: City Football Leadership Institute

City Football Leadership Institute (or CFLI for short!) are a team of phenomenal individuals who support students and professionals in understanding the world of football, sport, and issues beyond the pitch.

They offer a range of programmes from Sports Business to the Executive Accelerator.

Their curricula explore the wider world of sport, starting with Manchester City and the backdrop of the English Premier League.



  • CFLI wanted to visually stand out via video content to hook its target audience and potential students.
  • They wanted to showcase the incredible courses they had to offer and how they could benefit those who wanted to develop their careers in sports.
  • They not only wanted to reach audiences in the UK but across the whole of the EU too.


Bobble Strategy

  •   Develop video content that delivers a solid and coherent message to their target audience.
  •   Use YouTube to increase video reach and impressions.
  •   Increase CTR and conversions.
  •   Grow brand awareness and audience.
  •   Utilise budget across Google Ads directed in the UK and across the EU.



  • Between March 22 and July 22, we saw fantastic impression rates that soared above 6.5 million in the UK and 4.5 million in the EU. Across these impressions, we achieved 160k clicks, and a well above average CTR topped 1.81%.
  • The video performance across the EU, which is a far larger space, did exceedingly well compared to the UK, but in turn, we used a greater portion of the budget to facilitate this.
  • What was particularly significant to see from the UK video performance, given it was a smaller audience, was that it made up for over half the impressions, clicks and conversion numbers with a lower attribute of the budget.
  • The success of this campaign has resulted in the development and launch of new leadership campaigns. 
  • Top of the league performance all round!


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