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Client: Mayfair Worktops

Mayfair Worktops are specialist kitchen, restaurant and bar designers with over 25 years of experience in the stone industry.

They are now one of the country’s premier producers of granite worktops.

Mayfair Worktop’s mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products at competitive prices.



  • For Mayfair Worktops, the dream was to get their services and products in front of as many people as possible.
  • They wanted a particular focus on increasing traffic to their website, which in turn would convert into sales.
  • Online seemed like the best option for Mayfair Worktop’s sales strategy, so they were eager to invest a relatively large budget to help increase their sales funnel.


Bobble Strategy

  •   We looked to invest their budget in Google Ads.
  •   We aimed to increase overall impressions on social posts.
  •   Increase click-through rates to their website.
  •   Following this, we hoped to increase conversion rates while reducing the cost spent per advertisement.



  • Compared with their previous agency, the Bobble Team achieved extremely strong results across all metrics, including conversions, impressions, ad cost per ad and clicks.
  • Within the same budget, we gained an impressive 4 million impressions, an increase of over 217%. As part of this, we delivered over 23,000 more clicks to the website. We only saw a shift in the CTR due to switching from Smart Shopping to Performance Max – the CTR was still above Google’s average of 0.80%.
  • Even though we came in below the £66k budget, we reduced the CPC and increased conversion by 65% and the conversion rate by 32%. Following this, we spent less on CPA, from an average of £94 average to £57, a reduction of 38.6%.
  • Leading results for a leading specialist.



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