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Client: The School of the New York Times

The School of the New York Times (or NYTEDU for short!) are a faculty of award-winning New York Times journalists, industry experts and recognised thought leaders across a wide range of disciplines.

Their academies inspire minds to explore critical issues that impact the world.



  • NYTEDU knew that to reach a passionate young audience of future journalists, they would need to double down their social media presence.
  • They wanted to increase the overall traffic to their admissions page by optimising their engagement via their existing Facebook channel.
  • To achieve this, they were happy to let our social media experts take the reins and dedicate a budget of $88k to paid social.


Bobble Strategy

  •   Focus on Facebook as a primary social channel.
  •   Increase overall impressions on content.
  •   Increase brand awareness and reach.
  •   Increase click-through rates (CTR) for posts.
  •   Convert clicks to admissions enquiries via their website.



  • The overall performance of this campaign was positive!
  • We delivered close to 10 million impressions and over 69k clicks. The CTR for the platform was average, with high conversion averaging 2,228 per month and 6,684 in total.
  • The average cost per click was $1.27; this CPC was incredible to see, given the price of the conversion actions.
  • We were able to complete all course allocations in the allotted time.
  • Headline-worthy results, if we do say so ourselves!


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