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Digital Trends: What’s Changed During Covid-19 Lockdown?

We’re spending more time on our digital devices.

With so much extra time on our hands, the time spent using our devices has grown exponentially. Whilst this isn’t a shock in itself, breaking this down makes for interesting reading.

According to GlobalWebIndex, 76% of the consumers surveyed (aged 16-64) said they’ve spent an increased amount of time on their smartphone. This is quite a statistic, with many admitting that the dramatic increase feels a little uneasy.

What are we doing more of?

For those who have historically resisted the digital world, the global pandemic has highlighted the many possibilities that technology puts at our fingertips. Whilst ‘staying home and staying safe’, digital platforms have enabled us to connect, shop, consume news and stay entertained. In a time of enforced isolation, social media, streaming and online shopping have been a bit of a life saver.

The total number of social media users has risen by 8.7% (the total number of users is now around 3.81 billion worldwide) over the course of the last year. 99% of those are accessing the platforms from their mobile devices.

Streaming has, as expected, done incredibly well. 80% of those surveyed said they’re consuming more video content than ever before, whether that’s through streaming platforms or consuming broadcast television. And this trend isn’t solely the domain of the young. Millennials, Gen Zs and boomers haven’t escaped the video content juggernaut as lockdown has progressed.

Short form video content is also hugely popular, particularly amongst younger consumer demographics. It’s difficult to get through the day without some reference to platforms like Tik Tok, which have exploded over the last few months. Ask yourself; do you include short form video in your digital strategy? Could you be reaching your audience more effectively using these platforms? Our guess is, you could.

What does the future look like?

With more online users than ever, it’s likely a lot of these trends will continue into the future. The convenient pull of the digital marketplace is tough to ignore and almost impossible to resist.

There’s a lot of debate about the future of the high street. Will it become redundant as its digital counterparts continue to thrive? With 43% of consumers indicating that they’ll continue to shop online even after restrictions are lifted, it looks like the digital trends are here to stay.

Screen time will inevitably drop as at least some school and work routines return to normal. However, one in five streaming service users say they expect to continue watching more content on the streaming platforms. Then there’s the (online) world of gaming and e-sports which is not to be ignored – the popularity of e-sports has risen by 50% in the last year alone.

Why does it matter for your business?

It’s good to be aware of digital trends. Why? Because you need to know where your customers are. Without this, it’s difficult to maximise your online presence and create a comprehensive digital strategy that attracts the attention of your target customers.

At Bobble Digital, we love facts and figures. We’re always looking at digital trends to help keep you ahead of the competition. Consumer behaviour is never static, and it’s set to become even less so as we move into the post pandemic climate.  

Is your business ready for the opportunities ahead? Contact Bobble Digital to find out how we can help keep you ahead of the curve.