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Google Ads Verification – what does it mean?

What will advertisers have to do going forward?

There will now be more stringent identification requirements before a business can buy an ad on Google’s network. Once you’ve been notified about submitting verification documents, you’ll have 30 days to forward these to Google. The documentation includes proof of personal identification and business incorporation documents. The information provided will then be vetted by a member of Google staff before displaying the name and location of the person who has bought the advertising.

Any agencies buying advertising space on behalf of their clients will have to go through this process. The verification takes 3-5 business days, so you’ll need to factor this into your scheduling when planning any ad strategy.
The industry reaction; a mixed bag.

When such a huge platform announces a big change like this, everyone seems to have an opinion. The reaction from industry professionals to the move has been somewhat mixed.

For the majority, the news is seen as a positive step. The increased transparency between consumer and advertiser will hopefully whittle out any false advertising and scam businesses. Many argue that this will allow anyone using ads to make more informed decisions.

However, for those working in paid search and pay per click, there are concerns about the need to click so close to the links in order to get information. The worry is that this could potentially lead to accidental ad clicks and subsequently cost advertisers money.
What does it mean for online consumers?

In the modern age, many of us are fairly savvy when it comes to the online world. We’re also far more conscious of what’s happening to our personal details. In the two years since GDPR regulations came into force, we’re a lot more aware of where our data is being stored and how it’s being used by companies.

We live in a society where data is king, we have access to so much data that st times, it’s mind boggling. Consumers want to be confident that the information they’re getting is legitimate and reliable. Therefore this increased level of transparency from Google is very welcomed by those who rely heavily on the internet and the search engine as their primary source of information.

Google Ads can certainly be very powerful. But it’s important to get them right. In such a competitive space, you want to know your money’s going as far as it can go, and in the right direction.

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