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Google Marketing Live Keynote 2024 – New Updates

Google marketing live keynote 2024

Google Marketing Live Keynote 2024: Embracing a New Era of AI in Marketing 

Welcome to the future of marketing, as unveiled at the Google Marketing Live Keynote 2024. This year’s event highlighted the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) across Google’s product suite, emphasising how AI can be swiftly implemented to enhance marketing efforts and drive better consumer engagement. Here are the key takeaways from the keynote. 

The New Era of AI 

Google is ushering in a new era of AI, moving from the question “What is AI?” to “What can AI do for me?” and “How can I implement it as quickly as possible?” This shift is encapsulated in Project Astra, a groundbreaking live video view AI tool that promises to be 100 times more efficient than tools from just 18 months ago. By integrating AI across all its products, Google aims to build better consumer products and achieve a super-scale impact. 

Enhancing Search with AI 

Human curiosity knows no bounds, with 15% of daily search queries being completely new. Google is leveraging its new Gemini model, tailored for Google Search, to enhance user satisfaction. AI overviews, which provide quick insights, are now available to all U.S. users, with global rollouts planned. 

Emerging Search Trends: 

  1. Exactly What I Want Search: Users get precise results tailored to their queries. 
  1. Complex Search Made Easy: AI simplifies long-tail and complex search queries. 
  1. Search Beyond Words: Google Lens is now handling 12 billion searches a month, with upcoming features for video search. 
  1. Search Beyond Answers: AI-driven search experiences offer personalised insights like outfit ideas, dining recommendations, and activity suggestions. 

Revolutionising YouTube 

YouTube continues to dominate with 70 billion daily views. New generative AI tools like Veo for video creation, Music AI Sandbox, and Imagen 3 for image generation were introduced, promising to enhance content creation and engagement. 

Innovative Ad Formats and Features 

Google is launching over 30 new ad products and features, harnessing AI to supercharge the entire advertising lifecycle from creative development to media buying and measurement. AI will dynamically optimise campaigns in real-time, ensuring maximum efficiency and relevance. 

Key Ad Innovations: 

  • Search Ads: Enhanced by AI to deliver more relevant results and dynamic ad experiences. 
  • Performance Max (Pmax): New marketing goals, including profit optimization and loyalty promotions, alongside powerful generative AI tools to boost creative performance. 
  • Merchant Shopping: Innovations like Google Product Studio and 3D shopping ads with virtual try-ons are set to revolutionise the shopping experience. 

Enhancements in YouTube Ads 

  • Demand Gen: Expanding to Display and Video 360, making lookalike segments more accessible. 
  • YouTube Shorts: With 70 billion daily views, new features like stickers, swipe actions, and animated image ads aim to boost engagement and conversions. 
  • YouTube Shopping Ads: Enabling users to shop directly while watching, enhancing the seamless integration of content and commerce. 

Empowering Merchant Shopping 

Google is enhancing merchant shopping experiences with tools like the Google Product Studio and new ad formats. Upcoming features include: 

  • 3D Shopping Ads: Starting with shoes, allowing for 360-degree product views. 
  • Virtual Try-Ons: Launching soon for apparel and beauty products. 
  • Video Highlights: Coming first to the apparel and beauty sectors. 
  • Seamless Checkout: Integrating GPay for easy on-site purchases. 

Data and Measurement 

Good AI relies on good data. Google is committed to helping businesses collect, protect, and utilise first-party data through tools like the Google Ads Data Manager. This tool automates data cleaning and organisation, while Measurement Diagnostics offers insights for continuous improvement. 




Google Marketing Live 2024 showcased how AI is not just a tool but a transformative force in marketing. While AI won’t replace marketers, it will amplify their capabilities, making previously out-of-reach goals attainable. As AI continues to evolve, it promises to bring unparalleled efficiency and growth across the marketing landscape. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as Google continues to light up the future of marketing with AI. 


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