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Will Google’s New Advertising Features Help Grow Your Business?

google ads new features

Responsive Display Ads

One new addition to Google Ads is responsive display ads which are commonly used in display campaigns. These ad types are designed to allow the user to upload different creative content assets (i.e., images, videos, logos, headlines etc); Google Ads will then automatically adapt these assets and combine them in a complementary fashion to fit the intended platform (i.e., YouTube, Gmail etc).

This feature is particularly useful to help advertisers optimise their ad content, as Google’s machine learning determines the best combination of content assets based on previous performance outputs. Therefore, this data driven approach works to improve ad reach and performance.

Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max is a tool designed to dovetail with keyword search campaigns. It helps advertisers concerned with performance to learn more about their audiences across Google’s channels (i.e., YouTube, Display, Search etc). This feature allows advertisers to access their Google Ads inventory from a single campaign to see which assets drive more value and generate the highest ROI (return-on-investment) conversion opportunities.

Acquiring these rich insights allows advertisers to choose whether they should optimise and bid on content based on new customers versus existing customers, or whether they should adopt a more cost-effective approach and optimise content with a sole focus on new customers.

The New Customer Acquisition Goal

This new Customer Acquisition Goal is a feature designed to acquire customers efficiently. It is currently available to use on the performance max campaign attribute.

This feature allows you to bid higher for new customers in comparison with existing, or you can opt to only bid for new customers. The former is considered the best option as it drives all customers to your business, while generating the maximum profit from one single campaign. The latter is more economically beneficial if you have an acquisition focused budget, but it is limited by its potential reach capability, as the ad is targeted solely to customers at the beginning of their journey through the sales funnel.

How Can these New Features be Applied?

With all these new developments more data is being collected within Google Ads insight page. This allows advertisers and digital marketers to make more data driven decisions in optimising for greater reach, clicks, ROI etc. The insights function can be used to distinguish which assets consumers value most in relation to the stage at which they are at within their customer journey. Ultimately, Google’s new features will help businesses adopt a more targeted and customer centric approach.