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How to Harness the Power of LinkedIn Ads to Grow Your Brand

Investing in a LinkedIn marketing strategy that puts ads front and centre is sure to make a difference to your business growth. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of LinkedIn advertising and practical tips for building your brand.

What are the advantages of LinkedIn ads?

Reach more people

With a global audience of 740 million users in more than 200 countries, advertising on LinkedIn can dramatically increase brand awareness. More specifically, LinkedIn has a high volume of professionals using the platform and it’s easier to connect with people who may be looking for industry specific services and expertise.

Narrow down your target audience

Another benefit to LinkedIn marketing is that you can create ads that target specific industry variables. They are:

  •  Job title
  • Company name
  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Skill
  • Seniority

Through focusing on these variables, you can narrow down the brands that you’d like to target in your sector. This also applies to providing consumer-based products across different industries.

Increase conversions

When doing LinkedIn advertising to grow your brand effectively, you’ll benefit from driving more conversations and revenue.

What types of LinkedIn ads are there?

A higher conversion rate is strongly tied to the type of LinkedIn ad that you use.

Native ads

Also known as sponsored content, native ads appear in your audience’s LinkedIn feed and they are labelled as ‘promoted’ to make them stand out from organic LinkedIn posts.

There are several types of native ads to experiment with, including carousel, single image and video ads.

An effective type of native LinkedIn ad to grow your brand is a lead generation form, which helps to gain better leads and acts as a powerful call-to-action (CTA).

Text ads

Text ads appear along the right-hand side of a LinkedIn feed and are useful for targeting specific industries and demographics.

Dynamic ads

Dynamic LinkedIn ads bring a touch of personalisation and are great for connecting with consumers on a one-to-one level. Dynamic ads feature information such as personal details, photo and job title.

An example of dynamic ad is a follower ad. They promote your LinkedIn page to your audience as a way to encourage them to hit the follow button.

Sponsored messaging

This type of ad lets you advertise directly in a LinkedIn users inbox, and they are a great way to grow your brand online. Sponsored messages are good for crafting a more personal type of ad and communicating to a prospect without worrying about a character limit.

Now that you know about the benefits and types of LinkedIn ads, let’s look at some best practices and tips to bring into your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Effective techniques to grow your brand with LinkedIn Ads

 Choose your target audience

The first step for crafting LinkedIn ads to grow your brand is to understand what part of the world they are going to be viewed in and the type of demographic you’re aiming for. Decide on variables like company size, industry, education, job experience etc and further refine your objectives.

It’s also a good idea to A/B test different campaigns with alternative targeting metrics to see which audiences respond best to your company.

 Create relevant copy with a strong CTA

No matter what type of LinkedIn ad you choose, it’s vital that you have clear copy that sets out what you’re offering. You also need to have an attention-grabbing CTA that makes the ad apart from all the others that prospects are seeing.

For example, you could choose ‘register now’ to encourage people to register for a webinar you’re planning.

Be tactical with your LinkedIn content

As you set out to target different audiences, it’s important to choose the right content and ads to address pain points. For instance, with native ads, you may want to consider using video to stand out.

Or if you have the goal of lead generation and you want to use a sponsored message ad, consider offering product demos.

Set up conversion tracking

Another technique to get into the habit of is setting up LinkedIn ad conversion tracking as early as possible in your marketing strategy. Conversion tracking gives you access to valuable data such as how an ad led to website interactions, product purchases, the number of people who viewed an ad etc.

Setting up conversion tracking is simple and you can install the LinkedIn Conversion Pixel onto your website to start viewing these metrics.

Pause low performance ads on a regular basis

When looking at how your LinkedIn paid campaigns performed, take note of the ads that have the lowest engagement and conversions. Pause them and make any necessary adjustments e.g. writing new copy or creating a new banner.

Taking this approach will enable you to refine ad creation and improve your ad relevance score overtime.

 Run your ads in line with your overall LinkedIn strategy

Ads should only be one part of your LinkedIn marketing. They should complement everything else you’re doing on the platform such as organic posts, sharing thought leadership content, taking part in discussions and showing the LinkedIn algorithm that you have an active profile.

 Never stop testing

Nothing is ever guaranteed in the world of LinkedIn marketing and what works today may not be successful tomorrow. That’s why it’s important to rigorously test all LinkedIn campaigns down to the audience demographics, ad type and results.

Even when you find a winning combination, continue to A/B test and keep an eye on how customer behaviour is changing.

Create a high-value LinkedIn strategy with Bobble Digital

We hope you’ve been able to gain some useful insight into how LinkedIn advertising can help to grow your brand. As a strategic social media agency, Bobble Digital provides professional Linkedin marketing services in Leeds. With our expertise, we can create a LinkedIn strategy for businesses in Leeds and beyond.

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