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Instagram’s New Repost Feature

Social media apps such as Twitter and Facebook have long had features which allow their users to share content with others. However, as social media apps develop and change, other platforms such as TikTok and Instagram are following suit by developing their own way of sharing content. In a recent email, a Meta spokesperson confirmed that Instagram are “exploring the ability to reshare posts in Feed”. However, initially this feature will only be available to a select number of Instagram users to trial.  

Instagram’s Current Features

Currently, there is no official way to share other users’ content to an Instagram Feed, although content can be shared to another users’ Story and through direct messaging within the app. There are also third-party apps which allow you to repost content. However, Instagram’s new sharing feature will allow you to do this without the need to download further apps. This development shows the app is encouraging further interaction among its users, creating a more open and sharing community.  

The Popularity of Reposting Content

Twitter were the pioneers in sharing social media content, with other platforms following their lead. TikTok has since released its own update which allows accounts to reshare another user’s content onto their own feed. However, it is not currently possible to view all of the user’s shared posts; the shared videos only appear on your Friends For You Pages.

What Will the Repost Feature Include?

Original content creators on Instagram often don’t get credited for their work due to the inability to share posts. The new Repost feature overcomes this issue. The Repost tab is likely to be home to all the posts and Reels which have been shared to a user’s account. The tab is located on the account’s home page, as shared by Matt Navara earlier this month.

Is the Repost Feature Necessary?

Although this update helps Instagram to catch up with other social media platforms, some may see the feature as unnecessary, with the potential to overcrowd the app. Similarly, with the introduction of Reels, many users have since complained about the app becoming reminiscent of TikTok. So, is Instagram losing its identity or will the repost feature help it keep pace with other platforms?

What’s Next for Instagram?

In recent years, Instagram has moved away from its original identity as a platform for sharing images with friends and family; it is now much more ‘influencer focused’. Because of this, users have been calling on the platform to avoid further developments and return to its roots. Considering that many Instagram users want the app to go back to basics, it raises the question of whether introducing another new update will initiate positive change or if it is really needed at all.