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Mr Bobble’s Digital Marketing Trends For 2024

Mr Bobble's Digital Marketing Trends For 2024

Mr Bobble’s Digital Marketing Trends 2024

It’s that time of the year, I give my 2024 Digital Marketing Predictions. Last year I gave 8 predictions of which 5 came true so I did well, this year I’m only sharing 6 key digital trends. Yes Just 6. The first 3 are the most important so let’s dive in:

  • AI Led Digital Marketing Insights:
    • You might say this is obvious, but it’s not. AI has not caught up with Digital Marketing yet, the focus needs to be on moving from Data to Insights to Execution a lot more quicker.
    • That is where the advantage will be, whoever can analyse the data and trends quicker, and AI will support in this, it means more testing and execution of campaigns based on strategy and data-led insights.
    • At Bobble this year we are launching our own Bobble AI. We’re ahead of the curve on this one. It means our digital marketing performance across key channels like Social and Google will improve, but by how much only time will tell. Those companies and agencies investing in AI this year will be ahead of the curve and lead the way with performance marketing.


  • Social Media overtaking Search Ads:
    • Let’s be honest, Google is like that one family member you don’t really like but you have to like because your parents made them executor of the family trust so you have to play along but you don’t want to. Google’s automation system is letting itself down, and social media is taking over as it’s offering better search results.
    • You’re probably asking what do you mean, let’s take TikTok ads, there targeting platform has a keyword search filter, research shows what keywords, trends and hashtags users are searching for, so with the right ad, creative format and message, businesses are able to drive high revenue from that platform as the users are more engaged into the services that they are searching for on Social Platforms.


  • AI content is dead, Long Live content:

o   Human written content will make a comeback later this year. Chat GPT is great, SEO AI tools are great, but it’s a machine that can’t understand human behaviour or emotions. Everyone is over reliant on AI Content, the smart move is to focus on organic written content. Yes it will cost more but it will serve you better in the long-run. Human written content will outperform AI-written content. 94.12% of the time, human-written content outranked AI-generated content in 2023.

  • Google has opened up Pandora’s box at Brighton SEO, by saying that providing everything else is in place in relation to SEO on a website, AI written content can out rank human written content. I expect a huge reversal on this and a big update being announced to detect AI content as it will become bad practice SEO.


  • Short Form Content will be Digitally Universal:

o   Short Form content won’t just be short videos, it will also be shorter podcasts, shorter website copy. I call it the Tiktokification of content, we all want content instantly. In short digestible chunks. The average user spends 95 minutes a day consuming short-form content.

  • This will be the same with social posts and even analysis and reporting. Instant quick digestible data. So take your short form content away from Video and create short form podcasts, blogs, articles etc.


  • Interactive Marketing:
    • In recent years there has been a high popularity and success of gamification marketing for engagement. So, it’s no wonder why immersive and interactive experiences are booming too.
    • Were talking Interactive Videos, Polls and Quizzes, Calculators and other tool generators, price builders etc. Ads that get users interacting with the brand, product or service to capture their attention and engagement as competition on channels will be rife, so standing out means having the edge.


  • First Party Data takes the Lead:
    • First-party data is becoming increasingly important as stricter privacy regulations in the EU and UK evolve. While this data provides an alternative to cookies, an activation that marketers should be tapping into is its capabilities for personalisation.
    • By collecting reliable and accurate data directly from consumers, marketers can trust that the data is up-to-date and reflective of the actual behaviour of their audiences. This allows for more engaging customer experiences while maintaining compliance with privacy regulations.