Our analytics offering uses some of the world’s leading data analytics / tracking tools such as DoubleClick, Trade Doubler & Appsflyer to ensure that our clients are always getting the most accurate view of their marketing activity.

So, what is Attribution?

A rule-based or statistical method for assigning conversions to media channels.

It’s a tool to help optimize allocation of marketing budget across channels or campaigns.

It’s also a very difficult problem to solve without the right tools

Wrongful attribution is a huge contributor to wasted media budgets. That is why it’s important for businesses to understand attribution and ways in which it can be applied. So, remember these 4 steps:

  • There is not one perfect solution. Attribution is complex and specific to each advertiser. Your solution should take your individual needs into consideration (e.g. campaign goals, budget, partners).
  • Last touch undervalues upper funnel activity. Work with your agency partner to tailor attribution solution that considers multiple touch points e.g. Split Funnel.
  • Attribution is worth the time and investment. It provides detailed insights into different tactics and their effectiveness helping to understand what works and what doesn’t.
  • Attribution is the foundation for further measurement. Before you start looking at viewability or brand safety, make sure you have an effective attribution solution in place.