Social Media Marketing has gained an increased attention. As a result, most of the marketing personnel started to think about the ways to adjust resources and budgets to join in. Allocating resources to Digital and Social Media Marketing without appropriate targets, timelines, and objectives placed a large question mark on ROI (return on investment).

Audience profiling is the method used to define the particular consumer bases that your business should target. To do so, it monitors buying behaviour of the customers over different platforms. By profiling and segregating consumers into categories with identical behaviours, a business can personalize the marketing activities in order to reach put to the targeted customers. This will most probably result in the maximum ROI. The four basic principles of audience profiling include segregation, communication, engagement and measurement.

Social Channels

Facebook & Instagram

In a pay-to-play game, social media advertising is essential for brands. Organic reach is down across most of the major networks meaning days of simply posting on social and expecting all your followers to see everything are over. Facebook provide a great advertising solution which enables advertisers to reach their desired audience across their social platforms which include Instagram, Facebook Feed and Messenger.


LinkedIn is the largest professional network with over 500 million active users, which provides ample opportunities to get your ad in front of key decision makers. As a B2B lead generation tool LinkedIn has unrivalled potential, with the ability to target users based on number of factors including Job Title, Industry, Company Size, Company Revenue etc.


Twitter Ad engagements grew by 151% last year with the success mainly being driven by their new video ad platform. The beauty of Twitter ads is they’re typically not in-your-face and totally scrollable and naturally integrated into the feeds of relevant followers, raising awareness for your brand is at the core of any given ad.


Whilst Snapchat is regarded as Social platform for millennials, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, over 60% of users on Snapchat are over 25. Snapchat Ads are also highly targeted based on demographics and interests so it could be the right channel for your business if used correctly.

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