If you are not using video as part of your social strategy and content strategy as a business, then you are already behind everyone else including your competitors. Online video drives better engagement, live video is seeing huge response rates and 80% of all internet traffic will be video by end of 2019.

Video Campaign Features

Social Media

All social platform from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat support video creative. Video is the largest consumed media format across Social Media. We can run video campaigns that target consumers across multiple devices from Desktop, Tablet to Mobile Apps and in various ad formats, from driving brand recognition through to generating website leads and delivering onsite sales and revenue.


The 2nd largest search engine in the world behind Google. We can run pre-roll and instream video ads targeting in-market audiences, so audiences who are actively online looking for your products and services. We can also match our video targeting to specific keywords users are searching for e.g. if they searched for particular brands of clothes, we can deliver video creative around clothing retail etc.


Display comes in many device formats from Desktop/Laptop to Tablet and Mobile devices including in-app video advertising. As consumers are viewing content online, we can run video display ads across all formats. For more information on how display works view our Online Display Digital Marketing Service.


Retargeting is an excellent way to target users who have already visited your website to encourage them to return and complete an action. Our retargeting strategy is very segmented to ensure that we can reach users with the right message based on their likelihood of becoming a customer.


Whilst our rich reporting is prevalent across all our digital channels, it is more so important for programmatic display to ensure that our clients are getting the best visibility across publishers. We use 3rd party tracking tools such as DoubleClick, Response Tap & Appsflyer to ensure that we can attribute the correct value to each media channel.

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