Utilising our 1st Party Data, we identify your core audience and understand their digital behaviours. This provides the basis of our channel selection and campaign targeting. Without strategy there can be no growth.


  • Our insights are provided through key data partners
  • We use data Sets from Search, Tgi, Mintel and key media partners
  • We use data captured from over 33 Billion searches per month
  • We use data across all Business Sectors


  • We use our data to create bespoke audience profiles
  • We understand their demographics
  • We understand their interests
  • We understand their life moments
  • We understand their intents


  • By understanding who your audience are, we review their online behaviours
  • Their digital usage by device e.g. Tablet/Mobile/Laptop
  • Social media interaction
  • Content viewed e.g. video, blogs, news
  • Brand affinities
  • Popular website visits
  • Popular digital searches


  • Display, Social, Google or Video which channel is right for you?
  • By understanding your audience digital usage & behaviour we can identify which channels will drive the best cut-through
  • We can begin to build a campaign choosing the right digital channels
  • By eliminating channels with low impact, we can focus your budgets on channels that deliver results

Key Marketing Strategy Trends for 2019:


In the most recent digital advertising report from the IAB, growth was the name of the game for advertising in 2018 and will be for 2019. The main driver of that growth? Mobile. As a channel mobile provides multiple digital channel execution options from PPC, SEO, Display, Video, Content and even app advertising. Consumers first point of contact is always their mobile phone device whether it’s consuming content from blogs to video or social media through to searching for products and services they need. It’s important that Mobile plays a key role in a Brands Digital Marketing Strategy.


Voice Search is on the rise, the likes of Apple, Baidu, Facebook, Samsung and Microsoft have all adopted voice-controlled assistants in their latest smart phones with the most prominent one being Siri by Apple. Beyond that you have the likes of Amazon and Google constantly improving their voice search devices such as Echo and Google Home. This drastically changes the way that digital content is managed and creates more challenges as businesses look for ways to ensure that their content pulls through these voice searches. That’s why our PPC and SEO strategies look at the latest platform and technologies to drive results for our clients.


Video content consumption is at its highest, in 2017 74% of all internet traffic was video, this is set to increase to 80% in 2019. Statistics for 2021 show that 13% of traffic will be live video as we see increases in technology e.g. 5G being launched in 2019. If you are not using video as part of your social strategy and content strategy as a business, then you are already behind everyone else including your competitors.