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The future of influencer marketing after COVID – 19

More focus on diversity and inclusion

Last year we saw an increase in social activism across the globe. Influencer marketing didn’t go unnoticed, and inequality was highlighted in vivid form. Some brands were called out for unfair pay, others for tokenism. There was nowhere for brands to hide. Many content creators were vocal about how there needs to be a fairer representation within influencer marketing.

It’s our prediction that brands will work harder to be more inclusive with every aspect of their marketing efforts. This will naturally include working with more diverse influencers.

Small but mighty

With COVID-19 having a negative impact on many marketing budgets, brands will start to look for more cost effective ways to reach their audience. And this is where micro influencers come in. A micro influencer is classed as having 100k or less followers. However, whilst many of these content creators have a lower follower count, many are highly engaged with their audience. And that’s absolutely key.

As engagement rates continue to decrease on Instagram, brands are beginning to see the value in working with influencers who might be able to expand their reach without breaking the bank.

Expect to see more long-term partnerships

Increasingly, consumers are looking for content that tells them a story. This is a trend that is set to continue post COVID-19. Brands recognise that consumers need to see how a product fits into their life, and people want to consume content that’s meaningful and motivates them.

One way brands can do this is to get involved with influencers for more niche and long term partnerships. That allows influencers to create a relationship with the audience and increase engagement (and the brand bottom line).

Live streaming will continue to grow

When Facebook and Instagram first launched their ‘Live’ feature, it didn’t set the world on fire in an instant. Throw a pandemic into the equation, and you end up with every musician or DJ you know streaming live music into your home from theirs.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we’ve seen everything from live cookery demonstrations, yoga classes, game shows, business webinars, and beyond, on Facebook and Instagram live.

Post-pandemic we expect this growth in live streaming to continue, with brands bringing onboard influencers to take part in live streams for a more authentic and raw experience.

This is just some of the food for thought on how influencer marketing will look in the coming months. As we get ready to open up the world again, how will you use social media to reach your audience?

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