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There’s more to PPC than meets the eye – but what?

Pure and simple paid search.

In other words, wham bam, thank you ma’am. The paid search does exactly what it says on the tin. Users search for key terms and, depending on the keyword bids you’ve made, your ad will be in prime position at the top of the search engine. At this point, the user simply clicks and finds exactly the product or service they need. The conversion happens there and then.

In terms of your ROI (return on investment), naturally it makes sense that you’ll want organic reach to be your prime source of conversions. It’s more sustainable long term, since your conversions won’t drop off when the money does. However, when done well, and at the right time, paid search is a brilliant way to raise your brand visibility and hopefully lay the foundations for organic searches in the future.

Paid search to organic search.

When we talk about the buyer’s journey, we’re referring to the awareness stage followed by the conversion stage. This is all about playing the long game. Targeting the kind of customers who will provide you with business time and again.

Picture it. Your customer sees your paid ad as part of their initial search. They click and browse your offering and then leave. They’re in the consideration phase, weighing up their other options before committing to a final decision. They then search for your business organically, return to your website and covert. You did it!  But you might never have done so without your paid ad putting you in prime position against your competitors in the first place.

Don’t forget your other referral sources.

When creating your PPC campaign, it’s important to consider the bigger picture. There’s no point pouring a hefty advertising budget into something if your customers aren’t going to see it. It’s one thing to position yourself on a search engine, but where else do you customers go online?

Identify where your customers are and target those platforms accordingly. Whether that’s in particular publications, on social media platforms or e-commerce sites. You can then systematically focus your budget on specific target areas and increase your CTR (click through rate).

For any of us working in digital marketing, advertising and paid search, there’s a common goal; convert convert convert. At Bobble Digital, our team can work with you to design a comprehensive PPC campaign that works for your business. We’ll put your money where it matters, and your business where your customers will see it.