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What are social media platforms doing differently this year?


Tik-Tok absolutely shot to fame during 2020. The short-form videos with various filters, musical capabilities, and lots of users with a good sense of humour, has made it one of the most popular platforms amongst young people.

A potential major change currently in discussion is whether Tik-Tok will extend their video length to anything up to three minutes – quite the jump from their current one-minute limit. There’s a school of thought that this longer form will be better for popular tutorials, extended ads, and even the ever-popular ‘how-tos’. Take makeup tutorials as an example: they’re extremely popular in the world of video content. Professionals will have an opportunity to extend their videos for a more detailed result.

However, some argue that what makes the platform so popular is the short-form style of video. Easy to make, easy to watch. Within a minute, you’re on to the next. Would you watch a three-minute long Tik-Tok dance? The jury’s out.


If you’re an Instagram user, you’ll now be used to seeing ‘Live’ stories. Famous artists were putting on performances from their own front rooms. Politicians could use it to answer questions. Some just used it to have fun with their followers.

The platform has been working hard to improve its live functionality – increasing the number of participants to up to three at any one time. Not only does this make it easier for the people running the live to have a more natural conversation with one another, it expands the reach of that particular live session massively. This is a handy feature for anyone considering incorporating this into their digital strategy for 2021.


Following the somewhat scathing portrayal of Facebook in The Social Dilemma, there’s no keeping this platform down. This year, they seem to be doing everything they can to avoid any misinformation or ‘fake news’ being attributed to them. Even now when you look on Instagram stories, every post that contains something about the election, or Coronavirus, or the vaccine, offers a link to the facts.

Having been accused of exacerbating political unrest because of false information, this feels like a more neutral, more regulated version of the platform. Long may it continue.


It’s never felt more important for businesses to support businesses. LinkedIn has long been the chosen platform for those trying to make connections and market their business to clients. With this in mind, LinkedIn has big plans for their sales insights. They’re hoping to help businesses understand trends, key opportunities, highlight potential relevant clients, and even offer market data.

This clear visibility will help the social media networking tool continue to connect businesses, and to connect them in a time where many smaller businesses will be entering into a phase of recovery.


Twitter has announced that their live streaming feature, Periscope will shut down in March 2021. Rumour has it that shutting Periscope down is due to the platform trying to follow in the steps of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to boost their ‘stories’ features.


One of the most popular platforms for Gen Z, Snapchat is still taking the world by storm since its inception in 2011. Experts predict there will be an increased presence of ads next year, whether this is through sponsored ads or companies creating their own unique filters to support their campaigns. Either way, paid is the smart choice for many.

It sounds like Snapchat will also be looking at improving their augmented and virtual reality options, making their experiences more immersive and exciting for users. 

Whether you simply use your social media to wish obscure relatives happy birthday, or you’re at the forefront of the latest TIk-Tok trend, the meteoric rise of social media shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

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