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Why you need an email newsletter

Research suggests that email marketing isn’t dead. In fact, 60% of consumers state that they have made a purchase as a direct result of a marketing message they received by email. Has that got your attention? Read on for some more reasons why you need an email newsletter.

Email is still popular

Billions of emails are sent around the world everyday. 306 billion to be exact.

Despite the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, people around the world still rely on email as a communication tool.

As a result of the global pandemic, many businesses doubled down on email marketing and it’s safe to say that marketers will continue to focus on the channel to help drive sales and brand awareness.

Newsletters drive sales

99% of consumers check their email every day. If you’re clever and creative with your newsletter, you can create impactful messages and campaigns that your customers want to read. If you achieve this, your newsletter can go a long way to increasing your conversions and sales.

Email is 40% better at converting compared to Facebook and Twitter. That’s not to say your social media presence isn’t important to the growth of your business. But a statistic like that should highlight the importance of building and maintaining a healthy mailing list.

You can increase traffic to your website

Driving organic traffic to your website is challenging. We’ve previously discussed how a strong SEO strategy can help drive traffic. Your social media presence can also help increase the amount of people visiting your website. But have you considered how a newsletter can have a positive impact on your website’s traffic?

Email can be a powerful tool to target your audience and drive them to specific pages on your website. You can use promotions as an incentive, offering discounts or special offers.

Don’t forget to include a CTA

It’s important to note that adding a call to action to your emails is vital. Consider developing a landing page for specific deals or new product launches to help drive traffic.

Take this a step further and add a call to action button. This simple tactic can lead to a 28% increase in click-throughs.

You can communicate with your customers

It might sound obvious, but email is one of the best forms of communication you can use to speak with your customers. Consumers want to connect with businesses and brands they like.

When you provide value to your audience they will engage with your content and that builds trust. People just don’t buy a product or service simply because it’s available. They buy what you’re offering because they trust you.

When you use your newsletter to inform people, you can build a long-term relationship with your customers. Email is a highly-effective tool that can be used to communicate with your customers to strengthen that connection.

Technology has come a long way

Believe it or not, the first email marketing mail out was sent way back in 1978. Between now and then, there’s been many changes to how we use email as a marketing tool. The technology has evolved massively; most notable in the last decade or so.

In the last few years, we’ve seen automation become more important to digital marketers across the board. Email automation can save you time, money, and help you convert more. Research has found that the top three benefits of email automation are: efficiency, lead generation, and increased revenue.

Simple automations like sending a welcome email when a new subscriber joins your mailing list, or special offers when a customer has abandoned their online shopping basket can be a massive help in finding and nurturing customers.

You can make it personal

94% of businesses agree personalisation is critical to their success. When you think about it, the reason for this is fairly simple. The more relevant content is to someone, the more likely it will result in the desired action.

49% of consumers have made impulse purchases after receiving a more personalised experience. When your message is personalised, you could find your audience engaging more and as a result you’ll see a greater return on investment.

Boost your social media following

As well as driving traffic to your own website, a newsletter can be a brilliant way to boost your social media presence. Research has found that email subscribers are 3.9x more likely to share your content on social media. Making an impact on social media is becoming more challenging and it’s wins like these that can help you broaden your reach and build your audience.

Now you know how beneficial a newsletter can be in your marketing efforts, you’ll want to make sure it’s part of a bigger game plan.

Like everything else, a mailing list is one part of what makes up a digital marketing strategy that gets results. Talk to us today to find out how we can work with you to build an effective strategy that ticks all the boxes.