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Should You Cross Post on Social Media?

cross post social media

Quality content is key – from entertaining mini articles on Facebook and eye-catching imagery on Instagram to snappy short videos on TikTok and communicative microblogs on Twitter, your social media posts should reflect your story, attract your audience, and build your brand identity.

The Pros and Cons of Cross Posting

Cross posting allows marketers to maximise copy with minimal effort. By using the same or similar content across multiple channels, companies can share regular up-to-date content more easily.

However, with increased competition, brands now need to find bigger and bolder ways to attract audiences. Repetitive content crammed into different formats can look unprofessional and create a negative image, so what’s the solution? Rather than cross posting identical content, use the same ideas and themes but rework them for each platform and target audience segment – here’s how.

Effective Content for Social Media

When it comes to successful social media, think quantity as well as quality. Focus your efforts on three or four channels so you can finetune your copy for the greatest impact and engagement. You should find your target audience on one or more of the most popular sites – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter. Here are some ideas for content to make the most of each platform.

  • Facebook is an informal social networking site that also works well for businesses. Short videos are the most effective with 59% more engagement than other types of content, including images. Showcase your product in use and encourage customers for feedback.
  • Instagram is still the leading app for photo sharing and is especially strong on branding. High resolution imagery is key with a focus on being aspirational, humorous, and relatable. Snap your products in an inspiring setting or show your team in action using Instagram Stories.
  • TikTok specialises in short-form video sharing. Lasting just fifteen seconds and covering all interests, video content needs to be quirky, fun, and creative to get attention. Joining a trending social challenge or creating your own will help to interest and engage TikTok users.
  • Twitter is a social media site focused on community and conversation. Posts are often informative and thought-provoking, focusing on well-established hashtags and groups. Do your research to find the most relevant for your company and keep your content focused.

Using Your Digital Channels to Drive Results

Getting the best results from your social media platforms involves defining your target audience, knowing the typical users of your chosen social sites, understanding how they function, and creating high-quality content for each one.

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