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Latest Google Performance Max Features Go Live

Latest Google Perfomance Max Features Go Live

With the rapid expanse of digital commerce during the pandemic, Google has seen a surge in users on its advertising platforms. With the likes of Google Ads now forming an integral part of business marketing strategies, the company continue to roll out new updates, including for Performance Max.

Launched at the start of November 2021, Google’s Performance Max was one of several solutions designed to help businesses become more targeted in their approach to advertising and focus on providing the best user experience available, as reported in our Bobble blog from earlier this year.

On its release, Google stated that ‘automation is the solution businesses and agencies are using to stay ahead of ongoing shifts in consumer demands’, a sentiment that has continued with the latest updates released in May 2022. These additions promise increased control and further opportunities for advertisers to maximise their online marketing potential, so here’s what you need to know…


The New Customer Acquisition Goal

The ‘new’ customer acquisition goal type will already be familiar to users of Google Ads, but its implementation on Performance Max means that businesses can widen their pool of new customers more easily. Firstly, it allows users to ‘bid’ for consumers that are comparable with existing buyers, and secondly, it enables optimisation focused solely on new customer engagement.

The update also provides greater flexibility in finding new consumers with access to first-party data in Customer Match lists and the ability to create conversion tags to track when someone has clicked on your ad. This will come as good news for businesses aiming to generate more leads online.


The Consumer Interest Insights

Another update to the Insights page available in Google Ads, this addition can help businesses see which themes are leading to the most beneficial conversions. It might not sound like much, but with Google’s notorious control of information, this update will finally give advertisers a greater insight. It can even provide details of how your copy and content appeals to different audience segments.


The One-Click Upgrade Tool

The third update to look out for on Performance Max will be the one-click upgrade tool, which will be available on the Recommendations and Campaigns pages on Google Ads accounts. The tool will allow users to update their Smart Shopping and/or Local campaigns by either choosing certain ones to revise or ‘bulk upgrading’ them all at the same time to create new Performance Max campaigns.


Using Google Performance Max to Benefit Your Business

While it can take a while to get used to new features, these latest Performance Max updates should provide businesses with a wider choice of advertising options and greater access to consumer data, both of which could prove invaluable to online marketing growth and success. And the more you explore the potential of Google Ads, the better the chance of boosting your results and resilience.

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