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YouTube Shorts – Transform Your Digital Marketing Strategy

YouTube Shorts Transform Digital Marketing

In our current digital age, social media sites are developing every day with different platforms competing with one another to become the most popular. After the pandemic, more consumers are turning to social media in their free time, with numerous lockdowns transforming the way we use our phones.

The popularity of apps such as TikTok sky-rocketed during lockdown, with short clips helping to engage consumers with quick, informative videos. TikTok’s most popular clips focus on topics such as apparel and travel, catching the attention of a huge global audience.  

However, the everchanging landscape of social media allows other large organisations to adopt advancing trends and make them their own – introducing Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.


YouTube’s Impact on Digital Marketing

Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has helped to revolutionise video-streaming. With the ability to reach all kinds of demographics, YouTube videos are constantly uploaded onto the platform to be consumed all over the world (billions of times!).

With the ability to upload videos of all genres, the app can be used as an effective digital marketing tool for all kinds of businesses.


The Impact of YouTube Shorts

As of the beginning of July, YouTube Shorts currently have over 321 million videos and 1.5 million channels across the platform. Many different influencers and companies are already using the shorter form of video streaming more regularly.

YouTube Shorts range from animated comedies to information on current affairs, allowing YouTube to reach brand new audiences with different interests. Shorts are not only good for quick bursts of information, but they are also great for a modern audience.

With more workers returning to the office in the wake of the pandemic, people are also going back to their regular commute – giving employees a new window of time to watch Shorts on public transport.

Although YouTube was originally intended for desktop use, Shorts are designed to be more mobile friendly to appeal to the current market. The spacing on the videos and thumbnails mimic those of TikTok and Instagram, reaching a modern, on-the-go demographic.

Modern audiences and commuters no longer have the time to commit to long, sit-down videos. Instead, YouTube’s new format is adapted to the fast-paced lives lived by many, giving marketers a fresh opportunity to reach new, target audiences. 

The Future of YouTube Shorts

As we all continue to adapt to our post-pandemic reality, the social media landscape has shifted alongside the changing lifestyles of society. The popularity of short, informative videos has increased massively in the last 2 years, creating an increased demand for video marketing.

With 1.5 billion users of YouTube watching Shorts every month, it is clear that Google are quickly catching up to their competitors. With the mobile friendly layout making Shorts more accessible to users, it makes for a great digital marketing method.  

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